Considered to be the entertainment capital of the State of Texas, Arlington is home to a wide variety of fun and exciting attractions.

To ensure that you enjoy your time on your next visit, be sure to check out the following attractions.

Six Flags Over Texas

As an Arlington highlight, the Six Flags Over Texas theme park features a variety of thrill rides. Visitors can choose to enjoy any or all of these rides, including, a couple of Batman themed rides and an impressive Superman themed water ride.

The AT&T Stadium

In addition to being a monumental sporting venue, the AT&T Stadium is also considered to be an architectural masterpiece. The ground features the world’s largest HD video board under its two huge arches. Its design features also include some aspects of the older Texas Stadium, located in Irvin, which was home to the Cowboys for close to four decades.

Hour-long stadium tours are available to visitors every day, with an exception to home game days and some special stadium days.


The International Bowling Museum and Hall Of Fame, located just a stone’s throw from Six Flags, is one of the most popular attractions in Arlington, Texas. Visitors can explore the different exhibits housed in the museum building, including ancient Egyptian bowling games among others. To add more fun to the experience, visitors can also take the opportunity to play on the Highway 66 miniature lanes.

Ice Skating

Arlington, Texas is home to the ICE at The Parks. As the area’s sole ice skating rink, the skating surface is built to satisfy NHL standards. Visitors can engage in a variety of fun and interesting activities while here. From simply skating with friends or family, hosting a skating party and playing ice hockey, to learning how to skate from the many qualified and friendly skating instructors around.

This attraction is offers visitors a great opportunity to get away from the sun, and heat out on the street, to a cool and fun environment.


Beer drinkers will be more than happy to take some time to enjoy some of the best brews produced in this part of the country, as availed by the area’s first locally owned micro-brewery, Division Brewing.

Their variety includes light ales and malty amber beers. Each type comes with a wide offering of exciting and tasty options.

Include some or all of the above mentioned Arlington attractions in your travel itinerary, the next time you find yourself in this part of the country.